We are running an indoor 5v5 league at Collins Perley in St Albans: a one-hour refereed game each week, on Saturdays, starting January 12th, for twelve weeks.

Games will be played against invited clubs/towns.

There are no practices. Only Saturday games.

Players must wear sneakers or indoor shoes. No cleats are allowed. No jewelry is allowed, including no earrings, and including no taped-over earrings.

The activity here is futsal. To see the rules, the opposing teams, the field assignments, and the referee assignments, please see this Google doc.

Please note that the play here is 5v5 and includes keepers, even for U8.

Registered players will be invited to also participate in indoor 5v5 games on turf at a facility in Essex Junction, in the Nordic indoor league. This is separate activity, and additional cost.

Games will be running on two adjacent fields, side by side: the boys games on one field, and the girls games on the other field. Because Field #1 has more spectator space than Field #2, the boys and girls will alternate fields each week.
4-5 p.m.: U8.
5-6 p.m.: U10.
6-7 p.m.: U12.
7-8 p.m.: U14.

The first Saturday is January 12th, and the last Saturday is April 13th. There is no activity on March 9th or March 16th. The twelve game days are January 12, 19, 26; February 2, 9, 16, 23; March 2, 23, 30; April 6, 13.

​Players will need the AWAY (yellow) uniform kit: Jersey, Shorts, and Socks.

The last day to register is Saturday December 22nd.

We can not exceed 10 players for any age/gender this winter. The first 10 registrations for each age/gender will be accepted. Starting with the 11th registration, players will be wait-listed. I hate to turn players away and will try to be creative to come up with ways for these wait-listed players to participate, but it will not be the same as the full 12 weeks of 5v5 games that the first 10 players are able to participate in.

The word “developmental” gets tossed around a lot. That word is clearly important for youth players and their soccer engagements. But what does it actually mean, in practical terms? The US Youth Soccer Player Development Model explains this in detail. The associated coaching education (for U12 and younger) is the National Youth Coaching Course (formerly known as the National Youth License course). Development fuels competition.

* Complete the online registration here (, selecting the appropriate "?: Winter 2019 Soccer" option.
* There are two ways to pay. (1) You can pay online when you register, via credit card or electronic check. (2) You can instead mail the payment ($85) to Saint Albans Youth Soccer Club, 192 North Main Street, St Albans, VT, 05478. Your payment must be received within two weeks of your registration or your registration will be removed, unless you’ve made an arrangement with us.
* Please email a completed Parent/Guardian Consent and Player Medical Release Form, unless we already have this from a prior season.
* Your player will need an AWAY (yellow) uniform kit: Jersey, Shorts, and Socks. If you already have this from a prior season then you don't need to order it again. But if you do need to order this: please see the Uniforms webpage. This uniform kit will cost an additional $68.50.
* To order any extra equipment (backpacks, sweatshirts, training jackets, and training pants): please see the Extra Equipment webpage.

Please contact Jeremy Dalmer @ [email protected] with any questions.